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Every company receives complaints. With these complains comes risks. In such cases, conducting an internal investigation of the circumstances surrounding the claim is both necessary and beneficial for the integrity of the company. officeThe skillful Kansas City workplace investigators at Krigel & Krigel PC have the experience and attention to detail needed to ensure the best possible outcome and quickly remedy the problem, if needed.

If you're an employer in the Kansas City area facing claims against your business, contact the workplace investigations attorneys at Krigel & Krigel PC to help uncover the facts and protect your company.

What is Involved in a Workplace Investigation?

Many issues in the workplace do not require an investigation, however, exercising caution and conducting an investigation could mitigate risks, legal trouble, and continuing or worsening employee wrongdoing. 

Generally, a workplace investigation will proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the problematic employee immediately. This step is especially important if the employee in question is being accused of sexually harassing or physically intimidating another employee. It is wise to suspend the employee with pay until the investigation concludes and determines if and when their return is appropriate. 
  2. Hire a thorough and experienced workplace investigator. You will want to choose an outside investigator who is impartial to the employees to ensure a fair investigation.
  3. Conduct interviews of the employees involved. Typically, several interviews will take place; the victim of the offense, the accused employee, and any witnesses. This stage will also involve collecting evidence in the form of photographs, emails, weapons, drugs, and written testimonies. 
  4. Consider the evidence that has been gathered. Piece the story together to determine what really happened.
  5. Determine the appropriate action to take. Disciplinary action may be appropriate. This action should be taken swiftly to avoid legal liability. 
  6. Thoroughly document the investigation and findings. You should also document the corrective actions.

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