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At Krigel & Krigel, we are proud to be able to help our clients pursue the dream of creating or expanding their families through adoption. We assist clients with the legal aspects of the adoption journey which can be complicated, daunting, and stressful. Whether you are a prospective parent or a birth parent, our adoption attorneys can represent and advise you throughout the legal process in Kansas and Missouri. 

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Adoption Services in Kansas & Missouri

Our team handles all types of adoptions, including:

  • Independent private adoptions
  • Public and private agency adoptions
  • Interstate adoptions
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • International adoptions
  • Adult adoptions
  • Contested adoptions
  • Second-parent/same-sex adoptions

Our adoption attorneys also work with clients who wish to pursue assisted reproductive technologies to build their families. In-vitro fertilization (IVF), donor egg or sperm, gestational carrier arrangements, traditional surrogacy, and embryo adoption, among other options, are complex processes. They require a seasoned attorney who understands the latest advances and can ensure that your rights are protected. In these areas, where real life is often ahead of the law and the legislature, the legal approaches must be as cutting-edge as the technology.


Neither Kansas nor Missouri have specific laws on the books related to surrogacy. However, both states allow surrogacy. These are states where both intended parents and surrogates can operate to create new families. Our firm can ensure you understand all that surrogacy entails in your state, including adoption requirements for the non-biological parent. We have assisted many individuals and couples in all of the legal aspects related to the surrogacy process.

Krigel & Krigel Is Here to Help

Let our firm help your family grow. Whatever your situation or chosen option, we welcome the opportunity to assist you. And as you begin this exciting journey, please investigate our family law services and consider updating or creating your estate planning documents.

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