Stop Foreclosure

Bankruptcy is a life-changing decision that requires a full accounting of your assets, liabilities, and most importantly, your goals. That may include a house that is in the process of foreclosure. At Krigel & Krigel, P.C., our job is to provide you with guidance and look out for your best interests. We can help stop foreclosure action immediately after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

An Emotional Process

A family home provides not just shelter but security, identity, and a lifetime of memories. Unlike with nearly any other property, there is a sentimental attachment that complicates the decision-making process. While our job is to help you keep that home, we also look out for your long-term situation and help you determine whether a different house—a new home—will relieve financial stress down the road, and help you create even better memories.

At Krigel & Krigel, we will help you determine whether there is equity in your home that can be preserved. We will provide you with sound advice that will aid you in making decisions. But you are the final arbiter of your home’s fate. If you believe it is worth saving, we will help you.

Filing Chapter 13 can not only stop the foreclosure process, but also allow you to pay past due payments and real estate taxes over 36 to 60 months. The reorganization usually cancels judgment liens against your property.