Family Law

Divorce, child custody, child support—such family-related legal issues are perhaps the most emotionally charged anyone can face. Krigel & Krigel’s family law services are guided by experience and a governing philosophy that seeks to solve rather than create unneeded contention. We take the title “counselor” seriously. Whereas some divorce lawyers may like to pick a fight—after all, it generates more attorney fees—our family law firm is sensitive to the legal challenges that arise in the family context, and committed to handling them the right way: with reasoned decision-making that serves the best interests of the children and the parties. If we need to be aggressive to protect those interests, we will be.

Our lawyers provide full family law services, including post-divorce modification and enforcement of child custody and support orders. Our lawyers also handle custody and support matters for clients who have never married, and we provide services such as requests to change your name, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and mediation.

If your goal is to grow your family through adoption or reproductive technology, or to protect your estate for your family’s long-term interests, our lawyers also stand ready to help.

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