Our bankruptcy lawyers welcome a challenge. Our team of four bankruptcy attorneys and a paralegal includes Erlene Krigel, Kelsey Nazar, Dana Wilders, Kelly Postlewait, and Jamie Dulle. Our bankruptcy represent individuals and companies in Chapters 7, 13, and 11 cases. Our attorneys handle both consumer and business-related cases, and take on complicated cases that many other attorneys turn down. Our bankruptcy attorneys are experts in this field, and our efficient and practical approach means that you get expert representation at an affordable cost. In addition, our lawyers represent creditors in bankruptcy matters with filing claims and seeking relief to proceed with litigation and foreclosure.

Krigel & Krigel bankruptcy lawyers help clients:

  • File Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy and navigate the Chapter 7 means test process
  • File for Chapter 13 individual’s reorganization bankruptcy
  • File Chapter 11 bankruptcy to reorganize businesses run by corporations, limited liability companies, and individuals
  • Stop foreclosure proceedings and protect their homes
  • Remove burdensome second mortgages
  • Repair bad credit through judicious bankruptcy filings
  • Restore financial and operational stability through detailed bankruptcy planning
  • Dispel bankruptcy myths

Bankruptcy was created by Congress to provide a fresh start for individuals and businesses. It is not about financial irresponsibility, but finding a solution when debts get out of hand. A challenging economy can cause individuals or businesses to find themselves mired in debt and struggling to make ends meet. As experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we can help you solve your financial problems and protect your rights.

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