Bankruptcy Planning

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Bankruptcy requires attention to detail and careful, proactive planning. Far too much is at stake to put such an important matter in the hands of someone who may lack our in-depth bankruptcy and business experience. We are not a mill that churns out bankruptcy filings. At Krigel & Krigel, we attend to every detail to ensure a successful resolution to your serious financial problems.

Protecting Personal Assets

We represent clients in both Kansas and Missouri in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings and possess a thorough knowledge of each state’s exemptions. We identify assets that can be protected, including retirement funds. From there, we move forward on legal strategies to ensure that you can keep more of your valuable possessions.

Helping Businesses Stay in Business

Area businesses seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection also require planning and sometimes litigation to keep their companies open. Financing is needed to provide income for operations and employees. We advise business owners on numerous issues, such as prioritizing the payment of debts and borrowing funds for operation with the pledge of unencumbered assets.

Making Bankruptcy Laws Work for You

Transferring ownership of an asset or using your business inventory as collateral must be done carefully and without violating state or federal fraudulent transfer laws. Mistakes and oversight in filing can lead to a failure to maximize the benefit of the bankruptcy process or, worse, bankruptcy fraud charges.

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