Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

miniature house on stack of money

If you are seeking a fresh start after stressful financial problems, we will pursue every option available to you. If you have a steady income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and its debt reorganization can help you avoid foreclosure and put your finances on the road to recovery.

Protecting What’s Most Important

The possibility of home foreclosure or car repossession strikes at the heart: moving your family out of their home or finding yourself unable to get to and from work is too much to bear. A Chapter 13 repayment plan gives you an option. Foreclosure actions cease. The bank must hold off on taking your car. Collection agencies must stop calling you.

Exploring All Solutions

A fresh start can come in many forms. For some, that new beginning may come in the form of a Chapter 7 debt discharge. What chapter of bankruptcy protection is right for you can be determined after an initial consultation. Let us help guide you onto the path back to financial health. At Krigel & Krigel, we are dedicated to finding solutions and fighting the good fight for our clients until they receive the protection they need.

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