Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy highlighted pink

The hard work you put into establishing and building your business must be protected. Financial problems occur in every industry and record numbers of small businesses are closing. But the end is not inevitable. Krigel & Krigel helps hard-working entrepreneurs understand the options they have in the form of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Open for Business

Chapter 11 bankruptcy gives small business owners the chance to make the changes necessary while creditors wait. Overhead is reduced. Budgets are reorganized. We prosecute lawsuits against those who may have caused you to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the first place. From there, we help develop and propose a plan to pay back creditors. Once approved by the court, you can start the process of emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a leaner and more efficient company.

A Streamlined Bankruptcy Process

The last thing a distressed small-business owner needs is more out-of-reach expenses. We recognize the plight of entrepreneurs trying to keep their companies afloat and set our rates accordingly. Our process of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is extremely efficient, designed to allow you to keep operations running even during reorganization.

Your business may be facing asset seizure or real estate foreclosure. You need relief. You need time to breathe. We offer experienced bankruptcy protection to help your business at its time of greatest need.

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