Attorney Spotlight: Jennifer Finch

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As part of our ongoing attorney spotlight series, Jennifer Finch is the feature of this week’s blog post!

Jennifer’s Work

For over 25 years Jennifer’s legal practice has focused almost exclusively on estate planning and probate work. While many attorneys practice in multiple areas of the law, she takes pride in her more narrow focus. This focus, in part, is what led to her Five Star Wealth Manager recognition in four different years – a recognition that stems from nominations from Jennifer’s peers and clients.

Jennifer takes a different approach towards helping clients with their estate plans. Rather than focusing on the documents and procedures first, she likes to consider the client’s goals at the outset. Then she uses the client’s goals to find the right journey (the documents and procedures) to achieve those goals.

Her ability to provide peace of mind to clients and help individuals gain control over their situation without having to go through probate is part of the reason Jennifer loves assisting clients with the creation of estate plans. And when families need to use a probate court after the death of a loved one, she is able to use her years of probate experience to help the families through those difficult times.

Outside The Firm

Jennifer is also active in the community. She is a member of the Jackson County Republican Committee and volunteers at her church and also sings in the church choir. Further, she enjoys helping individuals in need through Legal Aid of Western Missouri, an organization through which she is able to provide free estate planning and probate assistance. Jennifer also enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Cricket and Buster.

If you have questions about your estate plan or a probate proceeding, feel free to contact Jennifer at (816) 578-0077 orĀ

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